Prelude: Page1
Have you ever realized that your life could change forever in an instant? I want you to take a few seconds now without distraction to analyze your life momentarily. This may seem like an odd request, but I have proof that one incident can change the course of your life in the blink of an eye.

Are you where you thought youíd be at this point during your existence? Iím 34 years old, unmarried, and have no children. As for myself, this is definitely a far cry from what I had ever imagined.

Have you accomplished more than you had envisioned for yourself, or are you just about where you thought you would be? Accomplishments? I donít know about that. I have a good job, and Iím fairly responsible. So I guess you can say Iím right where I thought I would be.

Currently my answers to the above questions have proven to be so immaterial to my quest during this lifetime. Nothing really matters, nor am I sure if anything will ever again.


Prelude: Page 2
Now, letís revert back to you momentarily. Your current situation, as perfect as it may seem could be altered or literally disappear overnight. Even though these situations are extreme: Iím not referring to the loss of your job, sudden illness, or even experiencing the loss of a loved one. Imagine a situation arising, creating a strong possibility that you may never see someone you care about ever again.

I know itís tough to think about but just try for a second.

Would you know where to begin? Do you contact the authorities immediately, or do you assume the situation will pass? Do you know who is out there to actually help you during your crisis? Who will be your familyís advocate?

What Iím getting at is waking up one day and finding out someone you love is missing. Yes missing. Please donít confuse this with being temporarily lost. There is a huge difference between the two.

Sorry to say. This is my reality, and my life has changed forever. There is no foretelling of what lies ahead for me, as the missing person is not just anyone. It happens to be my only brother. Just saying it aloud is extremely perplexing. My brother, Gilbert, is missing.

Whatís harder is when I have to relay this information to someone, ďMy brother is missing!Ē I normally receive the same sort of responses. Everyone can be so inquisitive. ďWhat do you mean missing? He canít be. Heís probably out screwing around.Ē Just hearing those words is comparable to someone driving a knife directly through my heart. Not that it makes much more of a difference, as my heart has already been permanently wounded. Thereís a little voice in my head that begins to chat where in a perfect world, I could retort, ďWhat part of the word missing donít you seem to understand?Ē


Prelude: Page 3
Gilbert left the house on Wednesday October 6, 2004, and has not been seen since! It usually gets worse. This is where everyoneís crime scene investigative instinct kicks in. ďHave you called the police, FBI, Montel, Sylvia Browne, etc.? Did he go hiking near a volcano? Does he surf? Maybe heís in the witness protection program. Could he be on vacation? All you have to do is check with the credit card companies.Ē All of this gibberish is so overwhelming. As far as the witness protection program, Gilbert wasnít involved in anything sinister. By the way, Gilbert has never been on vacation in his life and has never owned a credit card. Surfing is out, and you really donít want to hear my response regarding any volcano.

Again that angry, little voice in my headÖ ďNo, I havenít done a God damn thing, but thanks for asking, and by the way, I donít remember seeing you at The Police Academy. Perhaps you should stick to your day job or better yet, get one.Ē I know I sound bitter and angry. Itís because I am. The situation that Iím facing is definitely not anyoneís fault, but Iíve become hardened and desperate. In reality, I actually thought Gilbert would have come home by now. Iíve made finding Gilbert my main priority. This has been the only cause in my life that has ever mattered. Iíve given 100%, and Iíve gotten absolutely nowhere. As a result, I feel like a failure.

Honestly, in an effort to locate Gilbert, Iíve either worked with or contacted the following entities: President, George W. Bush, The Honolulu Police Department, The Governor of Hawaii- Linda Lingle, The National Center for Missing Adults, The Honolulu Advertiser, The Honolulu Star Bulletin, The FBI, Americaís Most Wanted, The Montel Williams Show, and other agencies who have heard about Gilbertís case and contacted me.

Itís extremely disheartening, but Iíll be the first to admit that all my endeavors have been ineffective.